Mazescape have a huge amount of practical experience working for a large number of leisure operators across the UK, Europe and the North America. We can design an individual logo for an event through to a full branding package across a range of marketing, on and off site graphics. We are happy to work as sole designers or as part of a team to compliment your existing suppliers. Just call us and see if we can help you develop your own Brand Designs.

Maze Branding
  • Concept

    Concept Only

    Initially we will design to your brief at a conceptual level only, this gives you the time and confidence to get the concept right, prior to further development and cost.

  • Design

    Design to Order

    All our design work is  designed to order, so you can be sure of a truly unique brand! With our experience we are able to fine tune the design to meet all your and your visitors needs.

  • Develop

    In the loop!

    We keep clients abreast of the design development with regular updates and progress reports, thus ensuring a smooth transition from detailed design through to production.

  • Deliver

    On time and budget

    We work closely with trusted partners during the print and production process. Alternatively, we are happy to work with your existing suppliers if you prefer.


Both Tom & Angus have a huge amount of experience gained through working on branding and general graphic design for a range of clients in the leisure industry. Some of our clients include:

  • client_millets_bdclient_millets
  • client_Hague_bdclient_Hague
  • client_skylark_bdclient_skylark
  • client_milton_bdclient_milton
  • client_cairnie_bdclient_cairnie
  • client_hemsby_bdclient_hemsby
  • client_cornish_bdclient_cornish
  • client_farmerjacks_bdclient_farmerjacks
  • client_lahougue_bdclient_lahougue
  • client_lakeland_bdclient_lakeland
  • client_penshurst_bdclient_penshurst
  • client_hendre_bdclient_hendre
  • client_wistow_bdclient_wistow
  • client_moos_bdclient_moos


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