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We are continually compiling the most frequently asked questions below, enjoy!!
What is a Maze?

A maze is a ‘ tour puzzle’ in the form of a contained, branching pathway through which the solver must find a route to the exit, a central goal or some other desirable outcome. Mazes can be two or three dimensional and may be completed by the eye, traced as a route on paper or as a physical activity within a three dimensional space.

What is the difference between a Maze and a Labyrinth

A maze is a complex series of branching paths with numerous decision points for the solver to navigate. Mazes may feature continuous ‘looping’ pathways that confuse and disorientate or dead ends where solvers must retrace their steps. The Labyrinth is ‘unicursal’ and essentially contains only one continuous path that twists and turns but always leads to the centre. It is an unambiguous path often in a circular form though this can be square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, etc. The Labyrinth motif has been with us for centuries and has deep spiritual significance in some cultures, appearing at ancient sites and within some churches and cathedrals.

Where is the biggest maze in the world?

There have been numerous records set for large mazes over the years. Many maize mazes are enormous, covering areas of over 12 acres (5 Hectares). The largest permanent hedge maze is the Pineapple Garden Maze at the Dole Plantation in Wahiawa, Hawaii, USA. It was opened July 1997 and enlarged 2007. Here are some specifications:

  • Ground area of 12,745.79 m² (3.15 acres or 1.27 hectares)
  • Path length of 3.962 km (2.46 miles)
  • This maze also holds the record for the longest path in a permanent hedge maze.

The Peace Maze, Castlewellan, Northern Ireland was for a period, the largest permanent hedge maze in the world. Opened in September 2001, it is still the largest in Europe.

  • Ground area – 11,000 m² (2.7 acres or 1.1 hectares)
  • Hedge Length – 3550 m (over 2 miles)
  • Path length – 3147 m (almost 2 miles)
  • Path width – (1.8 m)
  • Hedge height (1.5 m)

What is a Maize maze

A Maize Maze or Corn Maze is a complex sequence of inter-connected paths cut into the growing crop to create a large puzzle consisting of tall barriers of maize plants separating pathways where visitors walk. Maize mazes are designed as giant pictures to be seen from above. In 1993 Don Frantz created the world’s first Cornfield Maze, The Amazing Maize Maze in a field in Annville, Pennsylvania, USA. The very best maize maze designs are created by a small British company – Mazescape.

Can I run maze?

Yes you can. Call Mazescape now to discuss your needs

What is a good size for a maize maze?

We believe that a good starting size would be 6 acres.

Can a maze be too big?

In our opinion, a maze should be optimised to make best use of the space available. Unless you are trying to break a world record, we would recommend that the maze be designed with a dwell time of a maximum of 1 hour. If you are adding additional play within the maze then this 1 hour limit could be extended.

Is there any other crops that could be used to create a crop maze other than maize?

Yes, we have designed mazes using Miscanthus and Sorghum – it all comes down to your location and growing capabilities.

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