Mazescape mazes are beautiful and challenging designs in their own right but we like to add a little extra something to the mix. We design games and puzzles that incorporate stories and characters to enrich play. We develop existing motif and branding within game play, whilst targeting specific user profiles according to client need. This way, a single activity becomes very versatile, for example, at one time it could be a game for preschool children, and with a simple change of game board, become a corporate challenge. Different levels of game play can also be designed to run simultaneously.

We have developed themes for attractions and events that don’t need to be played on paper. Many have been realised as physical activities, stand alone features or incorporated within mazes. Many of our themes are just for fun although we have also explored serious issues like the pollution, biodiversity, farming, archaeology, the Battle of Britain and other historical themes. We are always happy to discuss your needs when it comes to puzzles, games and activities – whether you are already running an attraction or are planning on starting your own.

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  • Games

    Challenging & Unique

    Mazescape have designed hundreds of games for leisure industry clients around the world. We can design the right game for your attraction.

  • Puzzles

    Designed to Order

    All our games are designed to order, so you can be sure of a truly unique puzzle! With our experience we are able to refine the game to meet your needs.

  • Characters

    Give it a Name!

    We love to create fun new characters and logos for attractions and events. These give the activity an identity and help bring it to life.

  • Outstanding

    From paper to playground

    We specialise in developing successful game formats into real life games for you to play. Please us call us to discuss all your game and puzzle needs.


Mazescape have a huge amount of experience creating games and puzzles for a range of clients in the leisure industry.
Our clients include:

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